WWE SmackDown on April 12th, 2024, marked a historic night as the echoes of WrestleMania 40 still resonated. The WWE Universe in Detroit, Michigan, witnessed the reign of a new Undisputed Champion – Cody Rhodes!

SmackDown Results: A Night of Celebration and Contenders

The show kicked off with the triumphant entrance of Cody Rhodes, title held high. The roar of the crowd, chanting “Cody” and “You deserve it,” solidified his victory.

SmackDown Results: Triple Threat Matches Determine Next Challengers

Two action-packed Triple Threat matches took center stage to determine the number one contenders for both the Undisputed Championship and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

  • SmackDown Results: A.J. Styles, Kevin Owens, and Rey Mysterio Clash

The first Triple Threat match featured veterans A.J. Styles, Kevin Owens, and the high-flying Rey Mysterio. Each Superstar brought their signature moves, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

AJ Styles def. Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens via pinfall after hitting an avalanche Styles Clash on Mysterio. This was a great triple-threat match between three of the best veterans in pro wrestling.

  • SmackDown Results: LA Knight, Bobby Lashley, and Santos Escobar Battle

The second Triple Threat match saw LA Knight, the dominant Bobby Lashley, and the cunning Santos Escobar lock horns. Alliances shifted throughout the contest, leading to a chaotic and unpredictable showdown.

Who emerged victorious? Two triple threat matches took place on Friday night with the winners meeting next week in a one-on-one contender’s match. LA Knight def Santos Escobar and Bobby Lashley via pinfall after catching Escobar with BFT. It was checkmate for Knight in the first of two triple-threat title eliminators

SmackDown Results: Other Key Moments

The night wasn’t just about championship contenders.

  • Bayley’s Championship Celebration – The SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, reveled in her victory, hinting at her upcoming challenges.
  • Cody Rhodes Addresses the WWE Universe – The new Undisputed Champion addressed the crowd, expressing his gratitude and outlining his vision for the future.

Bayley’s celebration is a TikTok video from SantiZapClips (@santizapclips) about Bayley’s celebration after WrestleMania.

SmackDown Results: A New Chapter Begins

With Cody Rhodes at the helm, a new era has begun on SmackDown. The upcoming weeks promise exhilarating rivalries, unexpected alliances, and the pursuit of championship glory. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this captivating story!

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SmackDown Results: The Road Ahead with Champion Cody Rhodes

The echoes of a new era continue to reverberate on SmackDown. With Cody Rhodes holding the prestigious Undisputed Championship, speculation runs wild about who will be the first to challenge his reign. Here’s a glimpse into what lies ahead based on the latest SmackDown results.

SmackDown Results: Potential Challengers Emerge

The two Triple Threat matches on the April 12th episode served as stepping stones for future contenders.

  • A.J. Styles, Kevin Owens, and Rey Mysterio delivered a show-stopping performance. While the winner secured their place in the title picture, the resilience displayed by all three Superstars suggests they won’t be easily forgotten.
  • The chaotic battle between LA Knight, Bobby Lashley, and Santos Escobar left the SmackDown Tag Team Championship picture wide open. The Street Profits’ intervention during the match throws another layer of intrigue into the mix.

SmackDown Results:  Champion’s Address and Bayley’s Dominance

Cody Rhodes’ address on SmackDown results was a powerful statement. He spoke of his dedication to the sport, his respect for the legacy of the championship, and his plans to elevate SmackDown to new heights.

Meanwhile, SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley continues to bask in her victory. However, her celebration hints at potential challengers lurking in the shadows.

SmackDown Results: Anticipation Builds

With the champion crowned and potential contenders emerging, the upcoming weeks on SmackDown promise to be action-packed.

  • Will Cody Rhodes face one of the veterans from the Triple Threat match, or will a new challenger step forward?
  • Who will challenge the SmackDown Tag Team Champions? Will established alliances crumble, or will new partnerships form?
  • How will Bayley react to the rising threats to her championship reign?.

The future of SmackDown is brimming with possibilities. With Cody Rhodes at the helm, the upcoming episodes promise to be a captivating blend of high-octane matches, captivating storylines, and the relentless pursuit of championship glory.


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