customs job circular 2024

Are you on the lookout for the latest Customs job circular in 2024? Chittagong Customs Department has unveiled an exciting opportunity for job seekers with vacancies available for the roles of Driver and CPI. This comprehensive guide offers detailed insights into the job circular, including vacancy specifics, salary ranges, job responsibilities, qualifications, and application procedures.

Introduction to the Customs Job Circular 2024

Chittagong Customs Department, a pivotal institution ensuring border security and facilitating international trade, invites applications for various positions in its latest job circular for the year 2024. This circular underscores the department’s commitment to recruiting skilled personnel who can effectively contribute to its mission.

customs job circular 2024

Vacancy Details in the Customs Job Circular 2024

The job circular comprises a total of eight vacancies, distributed among two distinct posts:

  1. Driver:
    • Vacancy: 4
    • Salary Range: BDT 9,300 – BDT 22,490
  2. CPI (Customs Preventive Inspector):
    • Vacancy: 4
    • Salary Range: BDT 9,000 – BDT 21,800

These vacancies present an excellent opportunity for job seekers in Chittagong to secure stable employment with competitive salary packages.

Roles and Responsibilities in the Customs Job Circular 2024

  1. Driver: The primary responsibility of a Driver at the Customs Department is to ensure the safe and punctual transportation of officials and goods. This entails maintaining the assigned vehicle in optimal condition, adhering to traffic regulations, and executing routes efficiently. Additionally, Drivers may be assigned ancillary duties as required by their supervisors.
  2. CPI (Customs Preventive Inspector): CPIs play a pivotal role in safeguarding national interests by preventing smuggling activities and enforcing customs regulations. Their duties include inspecting incoming goods, vehicles, and individuals at various entry points, detecting illicit activities, and taking appropriate enforcement actions. CPIs are also responsible for maintaining meticulous records, preparing reports, and collaborating with other law enforcement agencies to uphold border security.

Qualifications and Requirements in the Customs Job Circular 2024

Candidates aspiring to join the Customs Department must meet certain criteria:

  • Educational Qualification:
    • Drivers are required to have a minimum of SSC or equivalent educational qualifications.
    • CPI candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution.
  • Experience:
    • Prior driving experience and possession of a valid driver’s license are prerequisites for the Driver position.
    • While not mandatory, experience in customs or law enforcement is advantageous for CPI applicants.
  • Physical Fitness:
    • Both positions necessitate candidates to be physically fit and capable of performing the duties associated with their roles.

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How to Apply for the Customs Job Circular 2024

Interested individuals can apply for these positions by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Access the official website of the Customs Department or the designated online portal for job applications.
  2. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the application form with accurate personal and educational information.
  3. Upload Necessary Documents: Scan and upload essential documents such as educational certificates, experience letters, and a recent passport-sized photograph.
  4. Submit the Application: After thoroughly reviewing the provided information, submit the application before the specified deadline.

Important Dates for the Customs Job Circular 2024

Circular Publication Date: 18 – 02- 2024

Application Starting Date: 04-03-2024

Application Deadline: 03-04-2024 (5.00pm)


The Customs Job Circular 2024 in Chittagong presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals seeking employment in the region. With competitive salaries and the chance to contribute to national security and economic development, these positions are highly coveted. If you meet the eligibility criteria and are passionate about serving the nation, seize this opportunity without delay.

The deadline for applications may be approaching soon, so act promptly to submit your application and embark on a fulfilling career journey with the Customs Department. Good luck to all applicants!

Your dedication and commitment can make a significant difference in safeguarding our borders and promoting lawful trade practices. Join the Customs Department today and become an integral part of Chittagong’s efforts to ensure security and prosperity for all.

Pdf Download of the circular

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